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We would like to update our service users on how we are responding to the outbreak of Covid19, (coronavirus) and how we plan to approach future decisions as the situation develops.

We will always act in the best interests of our patients, carers and family members who use our services – so while it’s appropriate to recognise the need for us to continue our focus on delivering our services, we will always balance this with our responsibility to check that the safety of our staff, volunteers and our service users.

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Women & Asbestos – International Women’s Day

Some years ago, we were given a print by a Columbian artist entitled “The Female Face of Britain’s Asbestos Catastrophe”.  The print was inspired by an original research paper by Laurie Kazan-Allen.

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With funding from Foundation Derbyshire, we have been able to produce a new information leaflet entitled Asbestos and Agriculture. This aims to give guidance to those working on farms where asbestos might be present. Millions of tonnes of the substance was imported to the UK in the 20th century, and it was regularly used in farm buildings.

The new leaflet was launched at the Agricultural Business Centre in Bakewell on Friday 6th December.  Copies can be obtained by contacting the DAST office. Or download a pdf from this page:

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Huge thank you to Steve Dunstan and his employer Scottbader chemical company, who have presented us with a whopping £1430!

This was raised by Steve running The Race To the Stones in July of this year. The Race to the Stones is a 100km run through the heart of the English countryside. The stones in question are the monolithic standing sarsens at Avebury in Wiltshire, which form one of Europe’s largest Neolithic monuments. They

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Our most recent DAST Newsletter can be read HERE

Our most recent Meso Mentions can be read HERE

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Asbestos Anniversary Event

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the UK ban on asbestos. Since 1999, it has been illegal to use or import asbestos, to the benefit of everyone’s long term health.

This victory, of great importance to millions of trade union members, must be marked. Although there are no new imports and uses of asbestos here, there are still thousands of tonnes present in our national infrastructure. We must continue to highlight this ongoing risk. We should also take this opportunity to remind people why this ban is vitally important. In these times of political instability, the repeal of the asbestos ban is not beyond the realms of possibility. The anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to promote these issues.

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